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How To Download Kfintech Capital Gain Report.

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

How To Download Kfintech Capital Gain Report.

Step 2 In Period, select the Financial Year (FY) as Previous Year.

Step 3 Enter your personal Email address and PAN. The report will be sent to this email address.

Step 4 Under the Mutual Fund section select All Funds or Relevant Fund.

Step 5 Under the Statement Format section, select Excel

Step 6 Enter a desired password in Password and Confirm Password fields. The capital gains will be password protected with the password you enter here.

Step 7 Click on Submit. You will receive your capital gain report on your personal email. Download the report.

Steps To Download Kfintech Capital Gain Report for ITR Filing.

Step 8 To Share the Same with Tax Consultant or Chartered Accountant For Faster ITR Filing.

Disclaimer: Owner For Above Images is KFINTECH ,We have used Same for For Education Purpose only.

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