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How to download Zerodha tax P&L or capital gains statement For IT Return Filing?

Updated: Jun 8

To download the tax P&L report on Console,

Visit Login with Kite

  1. Click on Reports.

  2. Click on Tax P&L.

  3. Select the Financial year as 2022-23 ( for Latest IT Return filing).

  4. Select the quarter range and click on the arrow button.

  5. Segment wise capital gains report will be displayed.

  6. To download the report, scroll down and click on Download Tax P&L report for all segment.

  7. To Share the Same with Tax Consultant or Chartered Accountant For Faster ITR Filing.

Zerodha Tax P&L Report
How to Download Zerodha Tax P&L Report

Disclaimer: Owner For Above Image is Zerodha (Zerodha Broking Ltd). We have used Same for For Education Purpose only.

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